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  • CEO Best Practices
  • Weekly Social Media Planner with Writing Prompts
  • Weekly Meal Plan Prompts
  • ​Money Goal Tracker
  • ​Exercise Tracker
  • ​Water Intake Tracker
  • ​Notes Section To Reflect On Your Progress and more
Who IS Daphene:
For the past fourteen years, I have had the honor to provide quality childcare services to Memphis and its surrounding areas.
When I started many years ago, there wasn’t a leader in this space offering mentorship and guidance. I leaned on the vision that God gave me, and I rolled my sleeves up and made things happen. 
I have made so many mistakes along the way, but my success with my parents and students have out weighted my blunders.
I teach childcare professionals how to start and grow a profitable preschool empire.
If you are a child care professional that has mastered working for others and now ready to build your business, then you are in the right place. 
If you are an existing childcare business owner and you are not getting the results that you desire and ready to scale your business to the next level they you are in the right place.
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What Other People have Been Saying:

Tawanna Vaughn

This is NOT your regular run of the mill planner

This planner is the absolute best! When I first opened it, my immediate thoughts were, "Oh I gotta be for real about these plans. This is not your regular run of the mill planner. Its equipped with all the necessities. It encompasses all areas/aspects of your life. It allows to intentionally plan for work and play, giving you a reminder that you have to have a healthy balance of both in life. The area in the book that spoke to me most was, 'Who do you need on your team, who is your support system?" Oh, honey, I shouted!! Because one thing we must all understand is that it's not a solo effort, so get your starting lineup and team players ready to go. The planner has EVERYTHING you need to stay abreast of all Plans. I'm happy I didn't miss out on this greatness."
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